Evil Under The Sun (1982)

Evil Under The Sun, based on Agatha Christie's book of the same name, has to be one of the most glorious films ever produced. The plot almost takes a back seat while Maggie Smith and Diana Rigg trade insults in an exclusive island hotel in the Adriatic. That doesn't mean the plot isn't good, however; it's actually very clever and when Poirot gathers all the guests for the big reveal at the end, you realise the clues were there all along.


  • Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot
  • Maggie Smith as Daphne Castle
  • Colin Blakely as Sir Horace Blatt (who has trouble with his "piffle valve")
  • Diana Rigg as Arlena Stuart Marshall
  • Denis Quilley as Kenneth Marshall
  • Roddy McDowall as Rex Brewster
  • James Mason as Odell Gardener
  • Sylvia Miles as Myra Gardener
  • Jane Birkin as Christine Redfern
  • Nicholas Clay as Patrick Redfern

Filming locations

The hotel on the island was at Cala d'en Monjo in Majorca. It's sadly no longer there as it was demolished when the local authorities created a natural park, but the outline of the building can still be seen on Google Maps.

The police station at the beginning of the film is the former Literary Institute in Muker, Swaledale, UK.


  • Arlena: "Oh my! I'm the last to arrive!"
    Daphne: "Have a sausage dear. You must be famished having to wait all that time in your room" (19:46)
  • Arlena: "Patrick insisted upon rowing me right round the island and it's much bigger than I thought. Poor darling, he's absolutely exhausted"
    Daphne (knowing exactly what they've been up to): "I'm not in the least surprised" (27:33)
Daphne Castle insulting Arlena